Protection and Restoration of your Cedar Deck and Concrete Driveway with Seal Colorado and SealRx
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Are you Insured?

YES, at SealColorado, Inc. we have always maintained General Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance for our customers and employees. We also have additional policies in place for our large commercial projects.

Do you have your own employees?

Yes, we complete your wood deck sealing, concrete sealing, and epoxy garage floor projects with our own employees. While other companies use sub-contracted labor we have always used employees to maintain top tier quality control and ensure proper training. This way, you know that whoever is sealing your wood, concrete, or epoxy garage floor has training and insurance!

How long has SealRx been around?

Our concrete sealer formula was put into use in 1985 and has remained unchanged since then. No failures have been identified when it was properly installed. The wood formulation was developed in 1990, and has been enhanced with polymers and wood conditioners that did not exist in 1990. It’s these conditioners and polymers that allow for the continued natural appearance of the wood. SealRx is the name for the residential wood and concrete sealing solutions that commercial applicators have used for decades.

What does the SealRx warranty cover?

Our transferrable written warranty is mailed to every customer after completion. It covers both the product and the labor of the wood or concrete seal or epoxy garage floor that we installed with no trip charges or other associated fees or charges. Choose SealColorado and you’ll never pay for a wood or concrete seal again! Additionally, all warranty information is backed up nightly with both on and off-site back-ups.