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A Message from SealColorado, Inc. Owner Taylor Grant

SealColorado, Inc. was created in 2011 after spending countless hours researching to find a solution for long lasting deck protection. I bought my home new from the builder in 2005 and the home and deck looked great. Quickly thereafter, the deck started becoming gray and splintering. I had my deck stained by a “professional” and it looked good for about a year (but didn’t fix the splintering). With the amount of sunshine and snow we get in Colorado it started to look worn and the stain faded and quickly was gone. I had a choice to make, was I going to pay another “professional” to stain my deck again and shell out even more money?? The stain only lasted a year and it cost A LOT of money! I was disgusted that I would have to shell out more money for the same terrible result. I couldn’t bring myself to pay someone every year or two to re-stain my deck. I was thinking to myself how ridiculous it was… I knew there had to be a better way. I was so disgusted that I couldn’t even bring myself to have the deck stained at all. It sat for almost three full years looking terrible and then… I finally found the solution!

Off to the Google Machine I went to find my answer. It took almost six weeks of scouring the internet, making phone calls, and finding many companies across the United States offering a permanent wood deck sealant. I checked out a couple of the local companies and even met with the head distributor for one of those companies in Colorado Springs. Another company had an “F” rating on the BBB... I thought I would have to tear down my deck and just have dirt; I was frustrated with the so-called local experts.

I was so disappointed but didn’t give up; then I found SealRx out of Kansas City. In July 2011 we hopped on a plane bound for KC, I wanted to see what this was all about: was this legitimate, was the product good, how was this company run – so many questions ran around in my mind. I arrived and enjoyed some Kansas City BBQ and met the owner of SealRx face-to-face. I saw an amazing product, with an amazing warranty, and his company was outstanding. The product has been proven in select housing environments (including Atlanta and the Twin Cities – very hot and very cold) and has been in use since 1985 for the concrete sealer and 1990 for the wood deck sealer. On the plane ride home I knew that I could bring a proven product with an awesome warranty and outstanding service to Northern Colorado… SealColorado, Inc. was born to create winning deck and concrete solutions for homeowners in Northern Colorado- we’ve done the research and have found the best product and we provide excellent service.

In 2012, we added the Amazing Garage Floor epoxy product line to go with the already successful SealRx offerings of wood and concrete sealing. We found our clients really enjoyed the protection and easy to clean epoxy floors that Amazing Garage Floors offered.

I don’t like to be pressured into purchasing anything at my home, and you can rest assured that we’ll never pressure you to make a decision at your home (or office). We’re happy to discuss your potential project over the phone, and set up a visit, if it makes sense.

All projects are completed with our own employees and you may even find me on a job at your home. We are insured for your protection and offer the best warranties that are available on our projects. Our warranties are excellent and cover real world issues, not limited to things that will never occur or things you won’t really care about.

We look forward helping you protect your largest investment; your treasured home.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide excellent service.

Taylor Grant